Lighthouse Hacks

100 Years

Lighthouse Hacks is celebrating 100 years of innovation at Port Credit Secondary School. By attending, you’ll get a chance to learn, collaborate, and build innovative solutions with help from your peers and mentors.


At Lighthouse Hacks, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with all sorts of people and build your network. This is a great place to look for future internship or job opportunities.

April 24 - 25, 2021 Virtual Sign up now!


Saturday, April 24

10:30 AM Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM Hacking Begins
2:00 PM PowerPoint Improv
3:00 PM Workshop (TBA)
4:00 PM Chess Tournament
5:00 PM Workshop (TBA)
6:00 PM Kahoot
7:00 PM Workshop (TBA)
9:00 PM Pictionary

Sunday, April 25

12:00 PM Guest Speaker (TBA)
2:00 PM The Price is Right
4:00 PM Submission Tips
6:00 PM Submissions End
8:30 PM Closing Ceremony

All times are in EST

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people can be on my team?+

Can I attend if I have no experience with coding?+

What should I have prepared for the hackathon?+

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